A Good Credit Score Doesn’t Necessarily Mean the Ability for the Tenants to Pay!

Securing a gotop tipsod tenant who pays the rent in full and on time is without doubt essential to the success of a residential investment.  Non-payment of rent and the subsequent recovery of possession of a property, and indeed any arrears, can prove extremely costly and time consuming for a landlord.  It is therefore essential that a holistic approach is taken when seeking a suitable occupier and reliant on credit ratings only can prove to be a huge mistake.

Here at Hayfield Robinson we take every care to try and ensure we select the most suitable tenants for our clients’ properties with the credit checks and financial referencing playing only a part in the tenant selection process.  While we are confident that our referencing process, including a credit check, previous landlord reference, bank validation check and employers history are important, we place just as much emphasis on meeting the tenants to gauge their suitability.  You would never hire an employee without an interview.  Prior to tenants taking a property through our agency we will have met the tenants on at least 2 occasions, allowing us to gauge if indeed they are suited to the property in which they are interested and also to its owner.  Getting things right from the outset is key in achieving a successful property management outcome and while it is of course important to secure tenants quickly operating on a “first come first serve” basis can often prove to be a mistake.

For full details on our referencing process, and indeed the services we can offer to residential landlords please contact us either at the office on 01535 600097 or via the contact page of our website.