Highly knowledgeable of the local market and of both landlord and tenants needs, Lee and Marie are very professional and helpful. I highly recommend them

After a couple of bad experiences with previous tenants we decided to use a letting agent and are so glad we did.  Very re assuring to have someone putting Landlords best interests first.  It was like a weight being lifted off our shoulders.

Lee has let and managed my portfolio for over 15 years and always provides clear and concise advice when faced with all manner of situations.  When we have encountered some “bumps in the road” he has always been able to find practical solutions to keep us on the right track

Efficient, reliable, trustworthy and helpful

Having decided to invest in property but having heard all the negative accounts of tenancies going wrong were soon put at ease by Marie and reassured us as long as we presented our property well, priced it sensibly and selected our tenants carefully we would be fine……… and that’s exactly what happened.