Landlord’s Liability or Tenant’s Task?

Tenancy Agreement Pic

In the face of a challenging property market, more and more of us are becoming either landlords or tenants and choosing to rent our homes, but both parties need to be clear on their responsibilities according to the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA).  New ARLA President gives guidance on responsible renting.

Interior upkeep, garden maintenance and insurance are just a few areas where tenants and landlords alike are often unclear where liability rests. Without a good understanding of the responsibilities associated with a tenancy ARLA warns there is the potential for costly disputes further down the line.

Tenants will often be happy to push through with a rental contract so they can move into their new property as soon as possible. But ensuring you understand what is expected of you during the rental period is essential as this may have a bearing on the return of your deposit at the end of the tenancy.

From the landlord’s point of view any clauses and agreements covering non-essential property maintenance and improvements should be agreed in writing beforehand to avoid any disagreements once signed.

With this in mind, the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) is reminding tenants to carefully check their contract before moving in to ensure their stay in a property goes smoothly.

Susan Fitz-Gibbon, President of ARLA, said: “People sometimes forget that renting comes with associated responsibilities and liabilities.  As well as looking after your rental property, always check with the landlord before making any changes or alterations beyond those expressly permitted in the contract.

“Understanding the terms of contract is also important, going through it with a legal expert will ensure obligations by both parties are understood and fulfilled; this process can allow a tenant to enjoy their home without worrying about any disputes when they move in, or about the procedures around, for instance, being away from the property over a certain period of time.”

If you have any questions or queries over the responsibilities placed upon landlords or indeed the expectations of tenants then please feel free to contact either Lee Bilbrough or Donna Lewis who will be more than happy to help.